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Oregon Time Recorder Products

We offer a large variety of timeclocks so businesses can easily manage their best asset – their people!

Regardless of your business size, there are a number of timeclock products designed to meet your needs. Not sure which is best for you? No problem...we’ve been providing businesses throughout Oregon and Washington with time and attendance systems for 40 years. We are an authorized dealer for many brands, and will help you select the best solution designed to meet your needs.

Whether you wish to use timecards, employee badges, employee PIN or biometric reader, Oregon Time Recorder will help you find the perfect time and attendance system without blowing your budget. Our time recorder products include the following:

Mechanical Timeclocks:
Traditional timeclocks that use print wheels and ink ribbon to stamp date and time onto a timecard. These heavy duty timeclocks work well in industrial settings where dust and dirt are prevalent.

Electronic Timeclocks:
A heavy duty timeclock similar to the mechanical style, yet the electronic timeclock uses a computer chip to keep time, even during power failures. Daylight savings time changes are automatic. Available in top loading or side loading models where the employee aligns the timecard to the appropriate day.

Calculating Timeclocks:
An electronic timeclock that calculates pay periods so you don’t have to. Calculates the IN and OUT time between punches, and keeps a running total on the time card.

Computer Interfaced Time & Attendance System:
Computer interfaced systems allow your timeclock to connect to a computer via a local area network line or by direct cable. A comprehensive time and attendance system that automates the collection and calculation of data for payroll. User-friendly software is included.

Web Enabled Time & Attendance System:
This latest system enables access from any computer, as long as you have an internet connection. No software is needed; view and edit payroll data through any web-enabled device. Communicate via Ethernet, USB, Internet or Serial Port.

Master Clock System:
Synchronized clock system with a central master clock and a number of clocks located remotely throughout a facility. The master sends a signal hourly to correct the minutes and twice a day to correct the hour. Perfect for schools and hospitals.

Time Stamp:
For important documents, rely on a time stamp. Time/Date stamps are used for imprinting the date and time on documents, often with custom text with a custom engraved plate. Most commonly used by government agencies, law enforcement, and the legal system.

Time Cards and Ribbons:
We stock a large supply of timecards and ribbons for most timeclock brands, including Lathem, Amano, RapidPrint and Icon Time Systems timeclocks.



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